We will take over your lease, so that you can buy right now!

Dont miss out on the opportunity to purchase a property just because you are locked into a rental lease. Most people are obligated to wait until their lease ends to purchase a property.

It is normal not to want to pay both rent and a mortgage at the same time.

Don't let your lease dictate when you will buy. Your dream property is for sale now? The Cheff-Lanctot Team will take over your lease allowing you to purchase now!

By filling out the form on your right, you will receive the details and conditions of this offer by email.

The days of purchasing a property on July 1st or at the end of your lease are over! We help liberate you from your obligations and take over your lease.

Not only will we find you the perfect property, but we will take over your current rental lease!

Fill out the form on the right to receive the details and conditions of our LEASE TAKE OVER offer by email.
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